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Enterprise culture

Company enterprise training: a little bit of progress every day

Company mission: China industrial assembly system change for us

Business philosophy: never let immediate interests to sell in the future

Operating status: become industrial assembly system for the first supplier in China

Strategic goal: to build the first brand of China's industrial assembly field

Company tenet: loyalty, professional, happy and harmonious

Vision: assembly system for Chinese manufacturing standards

"APAS aluminum industry assembling system" is committed to providing perfect design for factory automation and engineering industry solutions!Our mission: industrial assembly system in the domestic market because of "aipusi" and change.


Contact Us

APAS Assembly Technology Co., Ltd.
Address:Xiqing economic and Technological Development Zone, the industrial city of Saida international A3-2
Tel: 400-003-2163  +86 ( 022 ) 87887696
Fax: +86 ( 022 ) 86914408

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