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APAS Assembly Technology Co。, Ltd。 is a professional production, research and development, sales of APAS industrial aluminum and accessories series products manufacturers。 Company introduced the advanced industrial aluminum framework technology, developed a APAS, industrial aluminum assembly system suited to the characteristics of the China's national conditions。

APAS, industrial aluminum assembly system include:

APAS, industrial aluminum

Industrial aluminium profile accessories

BC210 standard belt conveyor

Chain plate transmission device

Non-standard industrial aluminium profile

APAS, industrial aluminum assembly system can meet the requirements of a variety of tasks, such as the workbench, frame, aluminum alloy enclosure, mechanical protection device, workstations, assembly station and checkpoints, conveyor, carts, clapboard, protective wall, shield, special for auto production line fence, stents, plant equipment, display systems, display cabinets, industrial fence, etc。

"APAS aluminum industry assembling system" is committed to providing perfect design for factory automation and engineering industry solutions!Our mission: industrial assembly system in the domestic market because of "aipusi" and change.


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APAS Assembly Technology Co., Ltd.
Address:Xiqing economic and Technological Development Zone, the industrial city of Saida international A3-2
Tel: 400-003-2163  +86 ( 022 ) 87887696
Fax: +86 ( 022 ) 86914408

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